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NBA Mock Draft Post Lottery Balls: Austin Rivers Still Landing On Suns Square

No laying down on the job, kid.
No laying down on the job, kid.

The 2012 NBA Draft order is now set and final. Except it will change, of course, once teams start swapping picks for other picks; picks for players; or picks for cash. Here's Tom Ziller's first NBA Mock Draft for 2012, Post Lottery Edition. Any guesses where Anthony Davis is going?

As for the Phoenix Suns, you will be shocked to see Austin Rivers name again tied to the 13th overall pick. I still maintain that this would be a solid option for the Suns. Teams need guys like this who can come off the bench and light it up. See also: Crawford, Jamal; Terry, Jason; Williams, Lou; Brooks, Aaron.

As for the rest of Tom's comments about the Suns future...well, just remember that he lives in Sacramento and has covered the Kings so there's a lot of built in bitterness there. Love ya, Tom! :)

2012 NBA Mock Draft: Hornets Land Anthony Davis, Wizards Are Keystone -
13. PHOENIX SUNS: AUSTIN RIVERS As if the end of the Steve Nash era won't be jarring enough, a volume scorer from Duke added to the mix will provide a nice splash of cold water. "In case you'd forgotten over the past decade of success, this is what it's like to suck, Phoenix."

And since conspiracy theories are the name of the day, just think of the potential of recruiting Doc Rivers to Phoenix to coach his son!

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