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Steve Nash To Toronto? Phoenix Suns Interested In Alonzo Gee?

Do the Suns have their sights set on this guy?
Do the Suns have their sights set on this guy?

Although NBA free agency doesn't start until July 10,'s apparently not too soon to start speculating about free agents and future acquisitions. A couple of interesting (or not) rumors surfaced involving the Phoenix Suns today--one involving arguably the greatest player to ever don a Suns jersey, and another about some guy in Cleveland.

Apparently, at least according to one writer, the Phoenix Suns are "in the lead" to eventually sign 6'6" Cleveland Cavaliers guard Alonzo Gee to a multi-year deal worth approximately $4 million per year. How credible is this information? Who knows...but even though there's another couple of months until free agency officially kicks off, it would make sense that the Suns' front office is at least exploring all their options.

In other news, as was also reported at SB Nation Arizona, Sam Smith of wrote in his article that:

All indications in Phoenix are the Suns will make Steve Nash a limited offer and he’ll move on. It makes sense as the Suns will have $23 million in salary cap room and they’ve gone as far as they can go. The Suns were always a player destination, and this will test whether they still are under the frugal Robert Sarver management. Many believe Nash instead of chasing a title with a contender for a lesser salary will go back to Canada and the Raptors for a three-year deal and help bring their young players along.

Again, who knows how much, if any, of this has any substance to it. I personally can't imagine Steve Nash leaving Phoenix to go and NOT chase a title in Toronto. I understand the whole home-town thing, but let's not forget that Nash has already spent the majority of his professional career in Phoenix and is probably more committed to this city than he would be to Toronto.

I could understand Nash leaving Phoenix for Miami or New York to give himself a better chance of winning a championship before he eventually retires...but Toronto? I just don't see it. Phoenix is probably just as much of a home town to Steve as any place in Canada would be at this point. Not to mention, while he grew up in Victoria, B.C., he was actually born in Johannesburg, South Africa for what it's worth.

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