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Phoenix Suns Draft Coverage: First Official Pre-Draft Workouts Include Melo, Nicholson

Melo's defensive presence is Fab.
Melo's defensive presence is Fab.

Looks like the Suns are covering their bases, bringing in guys today who are projected as late first-rounders and summer camp invitees. Media is not allowed at pre-draft workouts this year, so we have no insight from Suns folks or the players on their workouts.

Paul Coro, Suns beat reporter for the Arizona Republic and, just tweeted:


That's all we get, and I guess we should be happy about that. According to, these guys rate as:

  • C Fab Melo -- 23rd-best prospect (7'0" defensive specialist and shot blocker at Syracuse, rising after great draft combine)
  • PF Andrew Nicholson -- 30th best (6'9" offensive force with defensive questions from tiny school, also rising after great combine)
  • plus 4 guys ranked 84th and lower; pure summer league guys: PG Zack Rosen, PG Ashton Gibbs, SG Alex Young, SG Chris Johnson
Does the workout with Fab Melo indicate that the Suns are thinking of going big with the #13 pick instead of a shooting guard? Very doubtful. More likely they are evaluating options in case they get another pick or otherwise move down in the draft.

I have been looking forward to hearing low-first names, hoping that the Suns will take Babby's comments to heart that they want to build through the draft. It would be very nice to see the Suns bring in more than one player from this draft.

Interesting is that Melo was the only C brought in, and Nicholson the only PF. So, did they defend each other? Or were they just individual workouts/interviews? Or, were there other players in the arena today not also mentioned?

Who knows. The Suns are not opening workouts to media this year, for the first time ever.

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