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SB Nation Mock Draft: Davis No. 1; Big Men Go Fast; Wings Go Later; Suns Draft Waiters


Tom Ziller's latest attempt to mock the 2012 NBA Draft for SB Nation is up, and ready for your perusal.

We're about a week away from the 2012 NBA Draft ... and no one has any clue what will happen after the No. 1 pick. Let's randomly list 29 names!

He's got some doozies. Kendall Marshall to Toronto? Sullinger still top 10 despite back issues? Perry Jones III to the Bucks?

For Suns fans, he has 4 of the shooting guard prospects all available at #13, with the Suns staying with their rumored preference of Dion Waiters.

Rivers, Lamb and Ross go to the Mavericks, Wolves and Magic, respectively. Oh, and Quincy Miller - my personal sleeper for a great NBA career - goes to the Nuggets. Friggin Nuggets. "I especially look forward to a Wilson Chandler-Quincy Miller-Danilo Gallinari-Corey Brewer-Jordan Hamilton line-up. George Karl, everyone!"

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