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Kendall Marshall Visits With Phoenix Suns For The Second Time

Could Marshall be the guy?
Could Marshall be the guy?

With all the talk of the Phoenix Suns potential draft day promise involving Dion Waiters, or possibly their interest in fellow shooting guards Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lamb, and Terrence it possible that it's all just a smoke screen to cover up their true target, point guard Kendall Marshall from the University of North Carolina?

While there's no way of knowing for sure, one thing we do know is that Kendall Marshall is now back in Phoenix for the second time to visit with the Suns...the only such player we have confirmed as having multiple visits. With the NBA Draft fast approaching on June 28th, which happens to be next week, is this a sign?

By clicking on the above link you can see that Mr. @KButter5 included an Iphone pic of our beautiful Phoenix weather forecast with temperatures between 109-104, (yes, even when there's a chance of rain). For those who may choose to look even deeper at what this tweet may imply, it sounds as if Marshall even intends to be staying in Phoenix throughout early next week when that chance of rain is said to occur.

So what does this all mean? Who knows. But this is an interesting development to say the least. We may have a new odds on favorite for the Suns to pick at #13, assuming Marshall is still available.

Stay Tuned...

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