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The NBA Hands Out Social Media Awards: Jared Dudley Wins BIG

"Not one, not two, not three..."
"Not one, not two, not three..."

This year the NBA decided to a get little more social and started recognizing various players, teams and personalities for their impact on the basketball social media world. They're calling it the NBA SMA's (Social Media Awards).

Awards with quirky colloquial names like "FTW" and the "LOL" were handed out to individuals who impacted the social media scene with either plays made on the court or their direct interaction with fans through social media or in their communities.

The Phoenix Suns are proud to boast that in the inaugural presentation of the NBA SMA winners Jared Dudley was the winner of the "BIG" (Best in Game) award which honors a player who best connected with fans through the use of social media. Whether it's JMZ /JSPN vidoes posted on Twitter or Facebook, or engaging questions posed to fans about current events, trends or food spots around the country - Dudley does indeed provide a unique and entertaining perspective on the life of a professional basketball player in the NBA.

You can watch a short video of Dudley receiving the award here.

Hit Jared up on Twitter @JaredDudley619, or on Facebook and throw some 'gratz' his way.

What was your favorite JMZ interaction this year?

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