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Nash, Nash, and more Nash...

Nash would never turn his back on Phoenix, would he?
Nash would never turn his back on Phoenix, would he?

Want to check out Steve starring in his own parodies of popular movie trailers? Watch him in The Amazing Spider-Man and Paranormal Activity 4 by clicking on the preceding links from NOC and YouTube.

How about a story involving an overzealous NBA writer, Steve Nash, and a "near death" experience? Here are the grisly details....

Maybe this Q & A session with Slam Online is your preferred fare, we have quite the extensive menu to satisfy the most discriminating palates... Check it out for more on soccer, Amare's engagement, and the 2010 Western Conference Finals.

Still need more Nash news? How about this juicy rumor:

An report suggests Nash may have pared down his list of potential destinations and lists them as follows:

"I heard from national-media types from around the U.S., and at least one prominent agent as well, that believe that Steve Nash has a short list," Smith said. "From what I have heard from these people, and they could be wrong, but these are coming from some pretty legitimate sources, it is a three-team race for Steve Nash in free agency: Portland, Phoenix and Toronto."

Still looking to fill your daily allowance of Nash related topics?

We asked Kristofer Habbas of SB Nation and NBA Draft Insider to share his thoughts on Nash's pending free agency and he was benevolent enough to "assist" with the following:

Look at all the contenders in each conference... They have a primetime All-Star caliber PG already. I said before the season that other than Portland, Atlanta, and Indiana there are no "playoff" teams that need Nash. Two years ago it was different.

If he wants to come off the bench as a secondary ball-handler and spot-up shooter, then the Bulls, Thunder, Celtics, and etc could use him.

That is my two cents.

Habbas also offered this relative to Toronto's situation:

They can let Bayless go and bring in Nash, their No. 8 pick, and Jonas (Valanciunas) next year.

Not only could the Raptors do that, but with their auspicious cap situation they might even have enough left to bring in another free agent. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad compared to Phoenix after all....

Hopefully this will help take the edge off, Nash withdrawals are no laughing matter.

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