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Phoenix Suns Draft News: Everyone Chill, Lance Blanks Has This

We may finally know for sure what Lance Blanks is employed to do for the Phoenix Suns. Aside from being the silent, invisible man for nearly 2 years in the Phoenix Suns front office, it appears that Mr. Sarver and Counselor Babby have given him the reigns on this year's 2012 draft. Do you buy that? Said Blanks in a recent interview:

"Without sounding arrogant, I trust my judgment in making the right selections and decisions on players."

I suppose someone would have gone on some A.M. talk show to clarify Blanks' comments if he wasn't a main decision maker in deciding the Suns draft choice.

In a sense it is a relief to hear what Blanks may or may not be allowed to do. Last season, in the midst of a playoff push, Blanks was jettisoned to China to have a chat or two with Aaron Brooks. While his public quotes reflected a positive outlook from a guy who appeared to be happy to speak openly about what he actually does, I have to wonder if getting shuffled off to the other side of the world to talk to a guy the Suns don't really like that much was more of an exile than a job.

Nevertheless, Blanks seems to be in his element, now, with a clear role (at least he is saying so), during a turbulent moment in Suns franchise history:

"It's in my DNA to accept extreme challenges, and I embrace that," Suns' General Manager Lance Blanks said. "I look forward to this. I look forward to making these tough decisions."

Is conducting a draft and all that goes into a selection an extreme challenge? Perhaps.

We cannot criticize Blanks for anything just yet, but let's be honest, we've all given that line before in a job interview or when your boss was giving you your yearly review.

So does Blanks have control of the draft and player moves? Does he have the final say? Does he have any autonomy with Uncle Lon looming over his shoulder? We know what Babby and Sarver are capable of. And it hasn't been very impressive of late. May as well give the rook a shot.

Phoenix Suns' future in Lance Blanks' Hands: Bickley/AZ Central

"Suns fans don't have great trust in Blanks because they don't really know him, except that he's nothing like Bryan Colangelo or Steve Kerr. The team's passive approach in the Nash saga -- letting him dictate the terms of his departure -- hasn't helped the current perception toward management."

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