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Nash's New NOC Video - Steve is Jared Dudley's Father

If you haven't been keeping up with Steve Nash's latest video projects with the NOC - you're missing out. The NOC is a YouTube channel described as such:

The NOC is an entertainment channel about the personalities and lives of athletes. We bring you the world's most famous sports stars saying and doing the unexpected each week. Check out new athlete lifestyle, music, and comedy content daily, and help us build a revolution in sports.

So to dry your sweaty palms of anticipation for tonight's NBA draft, the NOC and Nash were kind enough to release a new parody video this morning. Watch and enjoy!

Jump it to see the other Steve Nash NOC vids you might have missed out on so far.

Nash, Camera, Action!

If you haven't been following - you're not in bad shape, you've only missed 2 previous shorts with the promise of more to come!

His first NOC video - a spin on "Paranormal Activity"

The Second video was a parody on "Spiderman".

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