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Phoenix Suns Deron Williams Rumors, Do You Buy It?

Deron Williams peek-a-boo!
Deron Williams peek-a-boo!

The New York media, which it should be noted is notoriously horrible when it comes to spreading unfounded NBA trade and free agent rumors, says the Phoenix Suns will make a big push to get Deron Williams should Steve Nash slip through their fingers. It's just the kind of rumor that has "ulterior motive" written all over it.

Here's the rumor:

If Steve Nash bolts, Phoenix Suns may make a push for Deron Williams - NY Daily News
"If they lose Steve, then they plan to go after Deron, hard," said a person with knowledge of the Suns’ plans. "They know he loves golf and they’re going to try to sell him on going out there."

The first thing you have to do when you see rumors like this is ask: Who benefits from this information being leaked?

These things usually aren't out there for no reason, unless they are barely more than idle gossip. It's either a team or an agent advancing an agenda or some speculation coming from a source that somehow gets turned into a published story.

In this case, let's assume it's the former and play a game. Who benefits most from this information getting published?

Best answer wins two free Internet Rumor Gift Certificates!

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