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Everybody Loves Steve Nash, Free Agent Episode

Bye, Steve.
Bye, Steve.

It's pretty much a given that Everyone Loves Steve Nash. It's also a given that on any day of the week (Sundays included), being Steve Nash is better than being you (or me). This is all double-y and especially and very true right now with NBA Free Agency that has several teams firmly planting their lips on the behind of a certain Two-Time MVP.

Since the clock struck midnight on July 1 and teams could official begin negotiations with the second-most coveted point guard on the market and the one willing to entertain all suitors, the action has been hot and heavy. Deron Williams might have narrowed his choice to two teams but Nash is loving the attention right now.

Here's a recap of the love so far:

Toronto got the first crack at their favorite son and likely are willing to offer the biggest deal -- reportedly three-years, $36m.

As much as I'd love Nash to be back, three years is too much. But for the Raptors it makes sense because he'd sell enough tickets to make up for being 41 in the final year. They also have some interesting young talent and Nash could probably take Toronto to the playoffs in the East next season.

On a side note, if Nash does go to Toronto, the Suns could probably get veteran PG Jose Calderon back in a sign-and-trade. He's set to make about $10.5m next season before expiring like an overpaid pumpkin. Jose would allow rookie Kendall Marshall to spend a year as a back up before being thrown into the fire. Then again, if Nash is gone the Suns might as well throw Marshall in the fire and go full bore for the 2013 Lottery.

The Knicks also met with Nash and it looks like the Nets will as well. Nash reportedly would also listen to Mark Cuban if the Mavericks strike out on Deron Williams. So basically, Nash is Plan B for either Brooklyn or Dallas which doesn't suck too bad.

None of these means the Suns are out of the running. Nash, like Hill did a few times recently, had always planned to listen to offers and let himself be wooed. Who doesn't like a good wooeing?

My guess...Nash won't take the MLE from New York but could let himself be the consolation prices in Dallas or Brooklyn. But mostly, I see Toronto throwing silly money at him because they NEED him BADLY. If that happens, the Suns shouldn't and probably won't match. Bye, Steve.

What do you think?

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