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Jared Dudley - "I'm a Fat Kid at Heart"

Jared loves basketball like a fat kid loves cake
Jared loves basketball like a fat kid loves cake

"Do you think the average NBA Player is happy for LeBron?"

"What kind of a gambler are you?"

"Did you ever have a moment in the NBA where you felt like you just didn't belong in the league?"

"Describe your childhood to a stranger"

"What's the most difficult thing you've overcome in your life?"

"What is something that you do that consistently annoys the people who love you?"

Jared Dudley takes on these questions and more in this interview he did today on ESPN2 on the Dan Le Batard Show. Always a good interview, this is a good 7 minute interview for any Suns fan... to take your mind off other current news today.

Looking down the road - Jared definitely has a bright future in sports media.

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