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Is Grant Hill Headed to the Lakers?

Will Nash and Hill both be suiting up for Los Lakers?
Will Nash and Hill both be suiting up for Los Lakers?

The sting of Steve Nash's defection to the Lakers is still painfully fresh in the minds of many Suns' fans. Is it possible that salt is about to be rubbed in those open wounds?

Since July 1st, there has been little mention of a continued relationship between Grant Hill and the Phoenix Suns. No talks have been publicized between the parties. Hill has been mentioned in free agency circles, but not in the terms of returning to Phoenix.

This tweet from David Aldridge has been reiterated by multiple sources. Retirement has also been floated around as an option. No credible source that I have seen has propounded that the most likely scenario is that Hill re-signs with the Suns.

Today, one of Hill's potential suitors may have emerged from the pack.

Hit the jump as soon as you're done vomiting or breaking something.

We knew it was a possibility that Nash would try to corrupt Hill. I would assume that most faithful to the purple and orange were hoping that Hill wouldn't be of a venal disposition, and would shun Nash's implorations. These new minatory reports suggest otherwise.

The Suns have already offered four contracts (Marshall, Dragic, Beasley, and Gordon) and executed the Nash sign-and-trade since free agency started. OJ Mayo is in Phoenix today meeting with the brass. Even Lopez got a comic book. It's been crickets on the Hill/Suns front.

It's pretty apparent where Hill stands in the pecking order. Last. It appears the Suns will only negotiate with Hill if they decide they still want/need him after they are finished with all their other orders of business. Maybe it's just because of the financial situation. Maybe Grant Hill is fine waiting and doesn't need to be coddled like some less mature and venerable players. Maybe not.

As an unrestricted free agent, Hill doesn't have to wait. The most the Lakers can offer is the veteran's minimum ($1,352,181) due to their cap situation. Although who knows, the way events have unfurled lately maybe another sign and trade is in the works.... Are there any other players on the Suns' roster that LA might like? Dudley perhaps? Maybe they can make the salaries work with Steve Blake and Josh McRoberts (smh)... Any chance the Lakers could use a Gorilla?

I really don't think Hill will leave without meeting with the front office first, but two weeks ago I didn't think Nash would be a Laker, either. Babby had referenced Hill's pending free agency in his post-season press conference:

"I don't want to speak for him, but I can't imagine he'd want to play anywhere else...I would be extremely disappointed if he played somewhere else."

A lot has happened since then. Obviously Hill's decision became much more complicated by Nash's departure.

What does everybody think? Where will Hill end up? What will you think of Hill if he signs with the Lakers? What are your feelings about Steve's recruitment of Hill?

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