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Welcome to the Bright Side of the Sun! Please Follow the Rules.

Hi, my name is Leiland - the masked blogger formally known as Eutychus. I've revealed my real name so you all can stalk me so I can get discounts around town and pick up chicks with the line - "I write for the Bright Side... I'm kind of a big deal. GOOGLE ME."

Recently we've noticed an increase in new faces and user activity here at the site. The staff here at the Bright Side of the Sun would like to extend a big warm and fuzzy welcome to all the new peeps and give a shout out to all you BSotS veterans that have stuck with us over the years and especially through this crazy off-season.

Now with all the fluff out of the way, let's get down to business.

We thrive on news, commentary and civil conversation about the Phoenix Suns - in order to maintain the civility and an environment conducive to healthy conversation we have established guidelines of how to participate. If you have not read these guidelines make sure you do, because we are tightening the screws on our comment moderation and will be swift to hand out warnings and bans for guideline-violators.

Look - I made it easy for you and put this video together last year - watch it and play nice.

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