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Grant Hill To Sign With the Los Angeles Clippers

We'll see you soon, coach.
We'll see you soon, coach.

Again the Suns see one of their team leaders change teams within the division.

Sports radio talk show host on Sports 620 KTAR John Gambodoro is reporting that Grant Hill has officially decided that he will sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Multiple other sources are also confirming that this is happening and that the Clippers are just ironing out the details of the contract.

"Well at least it's not the Lakers" - that was my initial reaction. Random thought: Remember all the beef Hill and Blake Griffin have had over the last few years?

Grant is the ultimate professional and I'm sure will be a great fit and a good co-leader along side Chris Paul, again much like the Kobe-Nash leadership dynamic it will probably be a good-cop/bad-cop balance. It will be interesting to watch how things pan out.

As much as we all love the one who we here at the Bright Side like to call "BAMF" (guess the acronym), if the Suns are truly dedicated to this rebuilding process it was best that we saw Grant Hill take his talents elsewhere. Yet, I get this funny feeling that we haven't seen the end of Grant Hill in Phoenix - his family loves it here and I can very easily envision Coach Hill making a return to the Valley somewhere down the road.

Good luck Grant - we all wish you the best of health and the best of luck

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