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Suns Fall to NBA D-League Select Team: Final Score 89-75


Well our summer Suns got pummeled by an older and much more experienced NBA D-League Select Team. Once again there was not much offense and the team's energy seemed to be lacking greatly. I had extreme technical difficulties attempting to watch this game so I really can't give much analysis from my end. But I reached out to Bright Side friends and got some great info to recap for you.

From Kristopher Habbas of SB Nation Arizona -

The flow of a game is a direct effect of the point guard on leading the show. In terms of flow there was none tonight. The team ran in spots, settled in to the half court in others, and played street ball the rest of the time. Marshall looked comfortable when the Suns had shooters spread out in the corners for him to attack and create for, but that is hard to do with no elite shooters on the roster.

Check out more of his recap and evaluation of tonight's game over at the mother-ship.

For stats and Alex's thoughts on tonight's game, take the jump!

Here's the final Box score -

Here's Alex's take -

From What I saw:

The Suns looked uninterested in the game, and the pieces look ill-suited together. No one can make a jump shot - not one professional jump shooter on that team. So Morris just have to make something happen after getting the ball on the college 3-point line in post position. Rarely did that end with a good shot because the defense collapsed. Occasionally Morris located a cutter, but mostly guys just stood around watching.

Marshall looked unemotional - something we will have to get used to. But then after I turned the game off on my end, Coro tweeted some nice things. Apparently Marshall turned it on at the end, and finished with 10 and 6. Not bad compared to how he started.

In general the D-League guys were heavily experienced and seemed to know how to make shots. And a couple 7-footers made some threes as well as inside post-ups. Too bad they appeared 92 years old.
And here's one of the tweets from Coro that Alex was talking about,

Check out Paul's other tweets as well.

There's one more game left in the Summer League - hopefully our team can pull it together and find some energy to make it competitive.

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