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Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris And Kendall Marshall Showed Promise In Vegas

Morris dominated in every game.
Morris dominated in every game.

Neither player made the published "all star" team announced yesterday before some of the winners even played their fifth game, and certainly they each had some struggles. It took rookie PG Kendall Marshall two dud games to make more than one shot, and Markieff Morris entered game 5 with a 37% shooting percentage over four games.

However, Kendall Marshall finished the week with more assists than any other summer league player (#1 at 6.5 per game) and Markieff Morris looked like the best big man on the court in all five games he played, finishing 10th in the league in points-per-game (19.8) and 2nd in rebounding (9.8).

Here are some kudos for each player this morning:

2012 NBA Summer League - All-Veteran Team | Scott Schroeder | SB Nation

Although this was the first summer league for most of these guys due to the lockout, Scott evaluated guys who played in the NBA last season. Morris was ranked as the #1 second-year PF in the circuit.

And now Marshall...

Ranking all 52 Rookies in NBA Summer League | Mike Prada | SB Nation

Marshall made the list of five 'developing' players who showed flashes but still have a long way to go. If he'd played the whole week like he ended it, he would have been nearer the top of the list of 52, per Prada.

I am hoping we can talk Omaha Sun into a more in-depth look at Morris and Marshall later in the week. For now, let's appreciate some love from non-Suns fans.

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