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Trade Nearing Completion: Suns receive Wesley Johnson and 1st Round Pick, Lopez and Warrick sent to Hornets

BSotS welcomes the newest Phoenix Sun.
BSotS welcomes the newest Phoenix Sun.

In what shouldn't be a shock after rumors to the effect swirled yesterday, various outlets have been reporting that the trade is complete. It sounds like there may still be logistical hurdles to navigate to finalize the deal, but it has been agreed to in principle and the official announcement seems to be a formality.

Robin Lopez and an expiring contract Hakim Warrick will go to New Orleans. The Suns will receive Wesley Johnson and a 1st round draft pick from the Timberwolves. Details on the exact finances, draft picks and players involved will be reported as soon as they become available.

Given that we've already had a chance to digest this possibility yesterday, what are your thoughts now that it appears inevitable?

Here is Coro's tweet stating that the deal is all but done.

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