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Steve Nash Has A New Team

Steve Nash announces he has a new team
Steve Nash announces he has a new team

And it's not the Toronto Raptors.... Yet.

Since Sunday the onslaught of rumors and trades and dinners and meetings and swoonings and golfings and money-throwings have been intense.

Right smack-dab in the center of it all is our former 2-time MVP point guard Steve Nash.

Earlier this morning Steve made the public announcement that he has a new team. Jump it to find out which lucky team gets to witness the 38-year ageless wonder dish out delicious assists.

Hey don't start yelling at Sarver and the front office just yet!

It's his new Liquid Nutrition team guys! DUH!

Before the NBA season last year Steve held the grand opening of his Toronto-based Liquid Nutrition business venture - it's a company that basically provides tasty health-smoothies in a chic and hipster environment and whatnot.

He's recruited some big names to his Liquid Nutrition team - check the video to see who has joined Nash in his smoothie movement.

Clever move Steve. Well played.

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