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2012 Steve Nash Showdown: An Inside Look

Steve Nash dishes autographs to fans at Showdown 2012
Steve Nash dishes autographs to fans at Showdown 2012

You're probably thinking this is another 'Trolling' title from me - but it's not. Though it may seem that there is a 'showdown' with Steve Nash in regards to his decision in free agency, let me assure you this has nothing to do with it.

Steve is a busy-bee in the off-season, every year it's the same. Whether it's making funny videos, marketing a new business venture, training or serving the community Nash runs a tight schedule and is always on the move.

Last weekend Steve Nash and his Foundation held their annual charity event in downtown New York City called Showdown. For those unfamiliar with the event here's a description from,

NBA stars. Soccer's best. An urban field. A sweet 8-a-side game of futbol in the middle of a city benefiting children everywhere. Steve brings his passion to play in this innovative soccer match that any sports fan will love. Showcasing athletes from two sports, Showdown is the beautiful game at its most creative. With international NBA and professional soccer rosters ... the Showdowns are events not to be missed! The Showdown is a free-to-the-public event located on the Lower East Side of New York City. There's nothing like the Showdown. We follow it up with Showdown After Hours, a chance to meet and mingle with the games' greats and raise funds for underserved children benefiting from the Steve Nash Foundation's platforms.

This year SB Nation's Matt Ufford had up close and personal access to the event and provides us with an awesome recap - catch the video after the jump.

No matter where Steve ends up he'll always be top tier in giving back to the community in unique ways - kudos to Matt Ufford and the SB Nation Studios for the sweet vid.

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