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NBA Cult Classics - Phoenix Suns Edition - Socks? Louuuuu? GriffLark?

The NBA blogs of SB Nation are all posting their franchise's biggest Cult Hero. The Phoenix Suns have more than 40 years of cult hero history to pick and choose from, so I thought I'd throw out a poll to ask our readers who should rank as the Phoenix Suns' #1 Cult Hero of all time.

Was it little Elliot "Socks" Perry, the original owner of the "meep meep" signature sound whenever he streaked downcourt on a fast break?

Was it "4th Quarter" Frank Johnson, the undersized shooting guard who made huge shots in big moments and still looks just as chiseled today as he did in the 90s? (I saw him at the Scottsdale Fashion Square recently and he didn't look a day past retirement)

Or was it Lou Amundson, who to this day is revered as a game-changing presence despite being a bit player his entire career? I still have a giveaway "Loouuuuinator" T-shirt in the back of my closet.

Or maybe Rex Chapman, the man who could wow Suns fans with his shot making ability?

We need to know, Suns fans! The winning player will have a full-length feature story on his Suns career tomorrow. Be sure to check out other SB Nation basketball sites for their Cult Classics as well.

UPDATE: I'm not looking for your favorite Sun ever. Rather, I'm looking for the guy whose fan base way outpaces his on-court contributions. Someone who was universally loved, yet hardly ever changed the game on a regular basis.

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