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Stalking Jared Dudley: Twitter Recap of Dudley's Off-Season

Follow me on Twitter fools!
Follow me on Twitter fools!

As of today and while I write this, the off-season for the Phoenix Suns has been approximately 9,504,000 seconds long. That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 158,400 minutes, 2640 hours, 110 days, 15 weeks, or about 4 months.

During that period of time the Suns franchise initiated and carried out an extreme make-over - they removed their face (Steve) and shipped it out west to a place where surgical procedures of the nip and tuck variety are more commonly found. From Dragic to Scola, Beasley to Jermaine O'Neal - a lot has changed for the purple and orange. The new look Suns are younger and more athletic, but questions of leadership and curiosity of majestic chemistry once provided by cohesion experts Grant Hill and Steve Nash loom heavy.

Yet despite the flux of the offseason so far there are two things that Suns fans can count on remaining constant.

  1. Jared Dudley's commitment to improvement and his off-season work ethics
  2. The constant flow that is Jared Dudley's Twitter feed.

This post is dedicated to both of those constants. Year after year Jared Dudley has continued to improve some facet of his NBA skill-set through his hard work and dedication during the summer months. As a sports fan in today's world of technology and social media it's a pretty cool thing to be able to watch that off-season process unfold from the perspective of the player.

Now call me a stalker - or maybe we're just really starved for Suns related news... but I scoured over every single @JaredDudley619 tweet since the final game of last season. I studied all things Dudley to compile this ‘best of' post, I'm talking just under 1000 tweets spanning across at least seven countries six states a birthday party, two weddings, a marathon, basketball camps... like 4 vacations a bazillion restaurants, a trip to ESPN headquarters, and I lost count of who knows how many "Gym flows" and "late night cardios".

The last game of the 2011-12 season was an embarrassing loss at the hands of a coach-less Spurs on Apr 26. That's where our magical Journey begins.

Twitter is a cray. The subject-matter of tweets is endless but people usually stick to what they're comfortable with.

In the case of Jared Dudley a lot of his tweets are along these topical lines: tweets about favorite restaurants or tweets asking for suggestions in certain areas, movies, attending church, basketball and playoff talk, concerts and music, teasing teammates, and a whole lot of exercise tweets. Here's my ‘best of' compilation.

NOTE: I've added some of my own peanut gallery commentary. You should be able to easily spot it. I didn't change too much as far a grammar goes but I did fix some obvious spelling errors because even though he's got the most athletic hands in the universe... I'm sure typing on tiny smart phones is tough on 6'7"+ dudes.

Apr 26

I want to thank ALL the FANS for your support! You guys we're supportive to the end. You will be rewarded soon, Im goin to keeping working!!

RT @kirstijn: @JaredDudley619 what are you going to do with your offseason? ( Ball handling, posting up, and shooting off screen and rolls)

Apr 27 - Dudley's first Summer Twitter Q&A. He warned followers in advance that he was going to "blow up" their timelines. The following ensued.

What's your favorite thing about Suns Fans?

Their knowledge about the game

What do you think your biggest strength and weakness is?

Strength = bball IQ

Weakness = my athleticism

What's the best advice you've been given as a pro?

Live within your means! A million isn't really a million dollars

Do you see Nash and Hill staying with the Suns next season?

50/50 only they know that answer

What was it like to play with Steve Nash?

A dream come true

What's your favorite thing to do when you have free time?

Spend time with family and go to the movies

BC Alum here. What was your favorite part about being an Eagle?

Everybody was friends, small campus

Do you think it was lack of respect to the Suns and Gentry for Pop (Greg Popovich) not to show last night? (he didn't come to the final game of the season)


How are you able to keep yourself so grounded being a self made NBA player?

Having a relationship with Jesus Christ

If you could play with one player in the NBA who wouldit be?

King James

What's your favorite city to play in on the road?

LA then NYC, Miami is a close third

Who's the funniest guy on the team?

This year it's Bassy (Sebastian Telfair)

What is your favorite memory from your time at BC?

Graduating! No one can take that away from me

At what point during the offseason do you start to get in the zone for the regular season?

Early June

What is your favorite Denzel movie?

Man of Fire!

What is your favorite food?


What did you think about the hologram Tupac?

Love it! Wanna go see it live

Who has the best car in the players garage and what is it?

Mike Redd - Ferrari

What did you feel when the fans were yelling "We want Steve"?

Well deserved for a guy who's done so much

Who's the best dancer on the team?

Ronnie Price and Josh Childress

Do you expect to still be a starter next season?

What u think?

Where's the first vacation to this year?

London/Paris... never been before

Do you play Xbox or PS?


What's your ethnicity?

Half white/half black

Who was your favorite women's bball player from BC?

Sarah Marshall!! Great handle, played so unselfish at the pg position

Who is your celebrity crush?

J-Lo!! I know she older but those outfits she wears on American Idol!!!

Toughest to guard and toughest to go against?


Apr 27

Getting ready to head out of AZ for awhile..I'll be back soon enough..AZ is one of my favorite places tolive. Great city, fans, and people

He went to his hometown San Diego where he spends most of his summer.

May 2

On the suicide of San Diego native Junior Seau he had this to say;

Man!! Sad day for SD. Seau was the face for young athletes in San Diego to look up to. From Oceanside getting a scholarship to USC and then back to the Chargers he was one of the 1st to show myself and other young aspiring athletes from San Diego how to fulfill your dreams. He's an Icon to us. Seau restaurant was the one of the biggest sports bars ever built in SD. We thank you for the memories, prayers go out to his family

May 7

Heading to the gym to get a lift in. Starting to work my way back in my off season routine. Long Offseason so I should get even better!

May 8

Can't wait for my Hot Yoga today!!!! I'm starting to really like it. Helping me get flexible and strong in areas you didn't know existed lol

Later a follower tweeted Dudley to let him know about a comment that was said by Charles Barkley on TV.

JaredDudley619 RT @justinbraum: Barkley unfairly called you out on Inside the NBA last night. Said you and others run to the three point line( lol I do!)

JaredDudley619 RT @justinbraum: and said that you don't get better as players because of it. I guess he hasn't been watching Suns games.(numbers don't lie)

I love barkley! I'm alwaystrying to work on my game., in Charlotte I never shot 3's, in PHX i had to expand that to get min. Now starting I had to expand this yr.. I score close to a 3rd of my pts off pin down shots, I even started posting more. But Barkley right I need to expand even more.. I've started the process but far away from where I want to be. Time to Work

May 14

Heading to workout with @jimbrogan.. He's been my shooting coach since I was little; he only does his workouts at 6:30 am. Time to get better

JaredDudley619 RT @tremenduz: @JaredDudley619 how long did you take off? (2 weeks, then slowly starting to lift and shoot)

May 15

Flying out to London Tonight. Never been so I'm to hyped. Heard its been raining though. Also cool to see different places and ways of living

There are always haters on twitter, here's how Jared responded to one while on vacation -

JaredDudley619 RT @Loosh__: @JaredDudley619 You'd rather look at the Big Ben than look at the flaws in your game. Shame. (you're so right, can u train me? I've gotten better every year brother, U work hard so u can enjoy the fruits of Ur labor. u prob wouldn't know a thing about that)

JaredDudley619 RT @Loosh__: @JaredDudley619 i've been workin hard too. I'm in the gym with my my player everyday. ( I would destroy u and Ur player lol)

May 20

London thank you for everything. I've had way too much fun!!! Next stop Paris!!!!


May 23

Paris thank you for everything!! I had a great time, Europe was everything I imagine and more! Off to London then back to SD. #imcominghome

May 24 - the day he's back from his Europe vacation

Finally made it back home!! So good to be back in the states.. Bout to do some cardio then back to work tomorrow. Gotta get better

May 28

Great morning Workout session with @jimbrogan.I'm back to my full workout routine.I love this process in the summer, just working on Ur craft

May 29 - he's heading to ESPN studios

It's official!!! I will be heading to @espn to take on @RealSkipBayless on @ESPN_FirstTake in 2 weeks!! U know I'm an analyst in the summer!

The thing about @RealSkipBayless is everything he talks about, crazy or not, Tebow or Lebron, he truly believes! I can respect lol

Here are some samples of his time at the ESPN studios.

Radio interview

Skip Bayless Debate

May 30 - while taking some heat from ignorant people on Twitter during the playoffs for his twitter commentary

It's funny reading tweets from fans.. just cuz I'm in the NBA and not in the playoffs doesn't mean I'm not a fan SMH. I was (a fan) before and will after

Jun 3 - Jared helps hand out water at a hydration station in a San Diego Marathon while supporting friends and family who are participating.

Jun 6 - Bassy visits SD, besties 4 life

JaredDudley619 RT @BassyS31T: What's popping in San Diego tomorrow?? ( EVERYTHING!!!!! U with me homie don't trip I got u..)

Jun 13 - to New York for a quick trip with the bros

New York City what's good! I'm out here with my boys and want to try a new restaurant for dinner.. I need Ur help.We need something bomb lol

Jun 16 - back in SD for some comic relief

So excited to take my friends and family to see the one and only @KevinHart4real tonight in San Diego!!!!! Best Comedian in the game!!

Jun 18

Weight room flow!! I envy people who never lift but are naturally ripped and buff lol.. Oh well time to put some work in..

-he's obviously talking about me

Jun 21 - Dudley won the NBA BIG Award

JaredDudley619 RT @NBA: The BIG Award (Best In the Game) goes to @JaredDudley619 of the @PhoenixSuns for best utilizing social media. #NBASMA

JaredDudley619 RT @Channing_Frye: Congrats @JaredDudley619 who do you want to thank for winning this award? ( My teammates!! Without y'all this is no JMZ)

Jun 24 - another vacation, this time the whole family is going to Barbados. Must be nice :)

Whole Family vaca!! Use to dream about goin on these when I was a little kid.. Just Glad I'm blessed to now make it a reality. #Godisgood

Breakfast in heaven!! Well heaven on earth lol


Jun 27

Barbados its been real!!! Highly recommend this place. Look at the Sandy Lane Hotel!! Big Time. Now back to Cali and back to work!!

Jun 29 - then there was the draft

Congrats to Kendall Marshall!!! welcome to the Phx Suns family..

Just got done working out with @JChillin in SD.. look how he pulled up to the gym stunting on me!!



Jun 30 - been working out with JChill and Dan Majerle

Great workouts these last couple days with Thunder Dan and @JChillin!!! Beautiful Day here in San Diego now time to enjoy this. #blessed


Jul 5

1st off wanna thank @SteveNash for everything he's done for me as a player.He's def made me better and shown me how to be true professional. @SteveNash has not only been the Best but the most unselfish player I ever played with. I only wish him the Best. He's deserves everything

Jul 9 - b-day boy... almost

Can't believe I'm turning 27 on Tuesday! I'm I getting old?At what age do you start feeling old? I'm close, I have some people calling me sir

JaredDudley619 RT @AlexLaugan: @JaredDudley619 if you haven't been carded in more than a year, you are getting old (lol Ive been carded so I'm good then)

I included this tweet because of who he was responding too. Big time Alex. #TwitterSwag

Late Night Court Session!!!! Let's get it!!!

Jul 11

JaredDudley619 RT @DLHQ: Here's our interview with Jared Dudley (@JaredDudley619) from today's show: Really enjoyed it. (Me to!!)

Jul 17 - Swiss JD

Packing everything up for my Switzerland trip!!! Goin out there for a basketball camp, I'm very excited!!! Anybody been there?

Congrats to @realgranthill33 signing with the Clippers.Great teammate and Friend.I will remember everything he has taught me over the yrs

JaredDudley619 RT @BabyJeremyLin: Lon Babby just said on NBATV its time for you to take on a leadership role. Excited? (I agree! I'm a natural leader)

Jul 18

Off to the airport, next stop Switzerland! basketball camp and a little site seeing, nice way to wrap up my summer before training in Vegas

Jul 19

Had a great day with the Campers in Switzerland.. Very impressed with how the camp is run. These kids are nice and know multiple languages!!

Jul 21 - Grant Hill's wager

JaredDudley619 RT @Craig620: .@realgranthill33 w/@DougandWolf620 on what happens if @JaredDudley619 dunks on him, "I am retiring right there on the spot."

JaredDudley619 RT @realgranthill33: @JaredDudley619 @Craig620 @DougandWolf620 I said it (I'm doing calf raises as we tweet!!!!)

Jul 23 - God bless uhmerica

I love Overseas and everything they offer from the people, shopping, culture, history, and restaurants. BUT! Their breakfast is real WEAK lol

Jul 27 - NBA schedule released

JaredDudley619 RT @paulcoro:The Suns start the season with home games vs. GS Oct. 31(I'm giving away 10 tixs to start the season off!!! Be on the lookout)

Jul 29 - Vacations over, intensive training begins

Back in Vegas ready to work!!! Heading to @impactbball in a little bit to get some shots up..On Monday 2 a days start for 5 straight weeks!!

Gym flow...

Great workout with Alan Anderson..This week is goin to be a beast..getting the body ready for the grind.. It's process! can't rush it!

Jul 30 - Thought's on Jermaine O'Neal

Just finished my workout with @quietstorm_32 and A.Wright and now watching @jermaineoneal workout!! This man looking 5 yrs younger!!! Wow!!!

If any team brings @jermaineoneal in for a workout I guarantee he'll get signed.. Looking explosive and aggressive. Happy to see him healthy

JaredDudley619 RT @anthonyd_31: @lol are you serious? Plzz be realistic. Haha he hasn't been athletic since Indiana.(I know but he looks good)

Jared held his second Twitter Q&A of the summer

Where is Dwight Howard going? Is he going anywhere before the season starts?

I say the Nets in Jan!

Where's your favorite place to eat in Phx?

City Hall and True Foods

What advice do you have for someone trying to reach success like you have??

Work hard, smart, and never stop believing

What gets you motivated to workout and grind?

My family! The harder I work the less they have to

How do you feel about teaming up with Goran Dragic again?

Should be fun.. he's still developing and already good

Thoughts on this year's squad?

We're young, talented. Just have to find our roles and play hard!

Do you feel you can take over leadership of the Suns going forward?

I've always been a leader but there are different forms

Are you working on a new move?

A floater!! So I can finish over these bigs when I get into the lane

What Suns addition are you most excited about this year?

Probably Scola, he's a vet that can score and is very smart

What is your favorite song to get pumped up to?

I never listen to music at the arena only in the car driving to the arena

How does it feel not to have Steve Nash on your team?

I'm ok, lol, happy for him though. Excited for our new team

Who is your biggest role model?

My mom

Ur trash why are you doing this Q n A shit.

U follow me lol. I was a starter who avg double digits! Not trash

What's your favorite thing about playing for Phoenix?

Love our fans! They know the game and are loyal

Who is the fastest player you've played against?

Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose

What was your favorite moment from your BC days?

Wow! Probably going 20-0 and ranked as high as #3 in the country. 4 straight NCAA appearances

How many dunks are you trying to get this season?

Goin for 20!

What influences, and keeps your spirit up most?

I love life!!

Who is the dirtiest player in the NBA?

Reggie Evans

Are you playing fantasy football this year?

Yes!! This will be my 1st time

Who do you think is the most intense player in the NBA

Kevin Garnett

Who do you think is the best player in the NBA?

Did you watch this season and playoffs. Who u think? King James

What's your favorite football team?


Ever see yourself being a coach or analyst?

Definitely one of them!! Just have to see which one

Jul 31

Great Workout and hooping today!!! My legs are getting under me.. Love this time of year when you focus on your craft vs other pros

Aug 1

Time to go out that work in.. 1 month away from goin back to Phx. Focused!

Aug 3

Late night cardio..

Aug 5 - Jared attends his 1st wedding. Seriously.

Great 24 hours in New Orleans.. From the food to my 1st Wedding, couldn't of been better. Now back to Vegas and back on the grind.

Aug 6

Felt great on the court today, feel like I'm getting better.. Very excited for this upcoming season.. Big Things coming!!

Aug 7

In the works on doing a FREE basketball clinic in PHX in Sept when I return!!!! Stay tune for details!!!

Great workouts today.. Got to catch up with coach @AlvinGentry at @impactbball today, can't wait to get back to phx and get to work!!

Aug 8 - What the...

My Recovery Machine! It's supposed to flush out your legs and help them recover faster! I might get 30 dunks this yr


Aug 10

JaredDudley619 RT @RyanReadThrive: Video of @JaredDudley619 gettin after it! 2 ball dribbling/reaction - Thrive!

Aug 12

Great Weekend in Humid San Diego!! Doesn't even sound right lol.. Now back to Vegas to train for 3 straight weeks until I head back to PHX!!

Aug 13 - Jared and the Sharks

What channel is Shark Week on again?!!!!!

I found it!!! I love SHARK WEEK!!!!

JaredDudley619 RT @SharkWeek: @JaredDudley619 Can we expect a JMZ special on Sharkzilla, Jared? He loves the spotlight. (lol MAYBE!!! Love this show!!)

JaredDudley619 @SharkWeek Maybe me in a Shark Cage doing the JMZ special lol

JaredDudley619 RT @SharkWeek: @JaredDudley619 The feeling is mutual. We'll have Sharkzilla's people call your people. (lmao! Yes!)



There's plenty to read into about a person's character and personality when it comes to twitter. The majority of Jared Dudley's tweets are focused on improving his craft and skill as a professional basketball player. Of course there are plenty of musing into his personal life as well and that's fine - it's Twitter. But it's inspirational to watch and witness his development through the eyes of a little blue bird, I can't tell you how many times I see a "gym flow" or "Late night gym session" tweet that I don't evaluate my own dedication to what's important in my life.

Step aside for a moment from the headaches of trying to speculate the unknown of the upcoming season, or what direction the Suns franchise is moving - and just appreciate the hard work and dedication of the players we have. Jared Dudley isn't the only hard working Phoenix Sun, he's just easy to follow because of his social media involvement.

Hope you enjoyed reading over these as much as I did compiling them. I left out A TON - so if you don't already follow Jared on Twitter get on that.

Oh yeah - and follow us on Twitter as well, we're not planning on heading to Europe anytime soon.. but we keep it 100. @BrightSideSun

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