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NBA Cult Classics: Phoenix Suns Louis Amundson

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We at SB Nation decided to have a dedicated "theme" day to revel in our team's biggest Cult Hero of all-time. The Suns have more than 40 years of history, but rarely do Cult Heros last decades before being replaced by a new Cult Hero.

Such was the case when Louis Amundson first signed a minimum-salary contract with a second-year team option to play backup PF for the Suns behind All-NBA Amare Stoudemire. Yesterday, you all voted Lou your favorite cult hero (among the choices offered).

Lou was the epitome of scrappy bench player, and fans fell in love. He worked hard, outplayed his talent in many ways and had just enough quirks to be endearing.

So today is LOU AMUNDSON day at BSotS.

Let's spend the day sitting around the campfire relating our favorite memories of Lou from his short Suns stint.

Hit the jump for mine.

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