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Michael Beasley's Really Interesting Estate Sale, Brought To Us By Joan Niesen/FoxSportsNorth

Interesting buying habits
Interesting buying habits

Phoenix Suns fans have wondered about Michael Beasley's eccentricities, wondered what makes Beasley tick, and the likelihood that Beasley will mature into a normal, everyday basketball player once he crosses the Arizona state line.

So it's quite interesting to find out he had an anonymous estate sale this weekend in suburban Minneapolis, in an apparent attempt to sell off everything non-basketball-related that he'd acquired in two years in Minnesota.

Writes Joan Niesen of Fox Sports North, in the article:

During the season, I'd always imagined Beasley living in a hip condo or apartment downtown, much like Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio do. That assumption was based on little more than his age, 23, and that he had grown up in Washington, D.C., and this weekend it was shattered when word leaked that Beasley would be holding an estate sale at his suburban home.

Every Suns fan has GOT to read this article Niesen wrote about the sale today.

A suburban home for 23-year old Beasley, with no family and no real ties to the community? A house full of items ranging from high end furniture to "a book of Ingmar Bergman screenplays" to women's handbags. Maybe Beasley just didn't know what to do with all the money he had. Maybe he spent his offseasons and free weekends buying items from other peoples' estate sales? Or, more likely, he was snookered by an interior designer who went apeshit. I've seen Million Dollar Rooms on HGTV. There are apeshit designers out there. Trust me. (and the ones in Scottsdale are licking their chops at this moment)

Now he's selling it all. Boom. Gone. Everything he'd acquired to date, except the basketball stuff. Turning over a new leaf.

Or, just making room to start over from scratch.

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