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SUNS RANK: Bright Side And SB Nation AZ Rank The Most Important Suns Of 2012-13

Oh boy...
Oh boy...

The latest brainchild of Kris Habbas, who took over for Seth Pollack at SB Nation AZ, is a satirical yet realistic ranking of the 25 most important figures with the Phoenix Suns organization this season. After other websites have spent a lot of time ranking the players in the NBA and predicting their individual 2012-13 seasons, we thought we'd take a few minutes to give our take on the Suns.

Ranking players before the season seems to be the craze this summer. So to take a break from analyzing team needs, fits, strengths, and weaknesses, you know those silly unimportant things, the combination of SB Nation Arizona and the guys at Bright Side of the Sun ranked the 25 most important faces for the Phoenix Suns coming into this season. Of course, we had a little fun with it.

The criterion for this is pretty simple, who do we, as individuals, feel is the most important person in the franchise for this upcoming season.

If you look at most franchises there are people that are extremely pivotal to the success of the year and others that are just there. Sure, someone will come out of nowhere and surprise us showing that they are more important than originally anticipated, but, until then, this is our ranking and we are sticking to it.

We all at BSotS contributed - Leiland, Jacob, Jim, 7footer and I - but really this is Kris Habbas' baby and he's done a bang-up job. The list passes the eye test, so we must have done a solid job with the rankings too. *back pat*

Kris' story will be updated all week as he counts us down from 25 to 1, with Monday showing off the bottom 5 players/front office/faces related to the Suns this season as far as we are concerned.

Hit the link and check it out, every day this week!

UPDATE: Here's 20-16, which includes a couple of point guards.

UPDATE: Here's 15-11. Now it's getting juicy.

UPDATE: Here's 10-6. This group features a couple fan favorites.

**UPDATE: Here it is: The Top Five, featuring only one active player.**

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