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Goran Dragic Featured in the NOC Documentary Series, "Training Days"

Goran Dragic is ready for the challenge and responsibility of taking this Suns team by the reins and stepping into the spotlight. Not an easy task to handle given that he's replacing two-time MVP Steve Nash. So how does somebody in Goran's shoes prepare for such a defining season? The NOC caught up with Dragic this summer in a documentary series they're producing called "Training Days" and they tagged along for one of his intense beach training sessions.

You may remember we've linked videos (a few funny Steve Nash ones) from the NOC before - they produce signature Youtube content featuring pro athletes doing a wide variety of things - some you'd expect and others you might not.

In this edition of Training Days that features the Dragon we get to ride right along side one of our own future stars here in Phoenix as he does some intense butt, leg, core, etc. exercises. He even does a 5 minute plank, and if you think that's easy - you should accept the NOC's challenge and attempt to plank along with Goran. How long do you make it?

There are four parts to the series, three of which are available now and the fourth will go up tomorrow some time. We'll update this post with that video as soon as we see it go live. Enjoy and subscribe to the NOC!

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