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Poll: Do you like the new Suns' court?

The Phoenix Suns unveiled a brand new basketball court that will be the surface on which they will play the game of basketball in the coming basketball season. Do you like this basketball court?

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

Design is a funny thing. Trust me. For every reaction of, "that's freaking awesome!", there's someone else saying, "you people are complete morons! what have you done with my _____."

So yeah, we redesigned our sites at SB Nation and unveiled them on Tuesday. The Phoenix Suns unveiled their new design for the main basketball court at U.S. Airways Center on the same day. Coincidental timing aside, what do you think of their new look?

The obvious reaction I've seen so far immediately mentions the lack of purple.

Is purple being phased out as Suns color? Does Robert Sarver hate purple as a symbol of the Colangelo era (seriously, people?); Why isn't there an image of The Gorilla on the court?

All legitimate questions, except that Sarver thing...right? I mean, he couldn't possibly be that petty....right?

Anyway, the new court is here. It's based heavily on the black and orange color scheme that showed up in Suns marketing a few years ago.

You can see the video unveiling the new court on Just pick up a book and read a bit while the 30 second pre-roll ad runs at the beginning and patiently wait for the video to finally start...playing.

Here's a grainy photo for those too lazy and too impatient to devote 30 precious seconds of their oh-so-important lives waiting for an ad to play.


And here's the old court (sort of).


What's next? Black and orange alternate uniforms to match?

That would be AWESOME/HORRIBLE!!!!

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