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Are the Phoenix Suns coming apart at the seams? Postgame quotes troubling

The Phoenix Suns are losing a lot of games. When teams lose a lot of game things can spiral out of control and from the sounds of things there's a real danger this team may have crossed that threshold.

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The Suns are 12-25 and have lost 10 of their last 11 games with no relief in sight. They have effectively ended any pipe dream of sneaking into the playoffs and at this point will be fortunate to finish the season with 30 wins.

When things go south it's completely expected that players will get frustrated and the team will begin to splinter. Alvin Gentry, who has plenty of experience coaching bad teams, knows this which is why his media comments lately have been filled with talk of "staying together".

Well, it looks like the inevitable might have happened. This team is either over the mental cliff or right on the brink. You decide.

Paul Coro's postgame report from Boston gives us these quotes:

Dragic said some of his teammates "don't care," but he obviously did by the look on his face after going through 41 minutes against Boston's full-court pressure from an older team.

"We got three guys battling on the floor, and the rest of the guys aren't on the same page," Dragic said. "It's tough. Right now, we're not together as a team."

[...]"We play well at times," Scola said. "We're just not able to play 48 minutes well. We go up and down. We're just not good enough to play that way."

"We're obviously in a negative dynamic. We believe that sooner or later something bad's going to happen. But it wasn't like that the whole year. So that could be something that is increasing the problem. Everything snowballs. We don't have confidence."

[...]Said Suns power forward Markieff Morris, the only second-half sub besides slumping Shannon Brown, "We've got to find a way to finish and score and get stops. "As a team, we've got to man up and play like men when it's time. That's including myself. We've got to have balls and the heart to make shots and get stops when we need it."

Three guys who are "battling". Hmmm. Just three? Dragic, Tucker and Scola?

Before you go all crazy calling guys out for not playing hard, calling for the Coach to be fired, and generally going into pitchfork and feathers mode, let's remember that this was always a flawed team. There was some hope at the beginning of the season that Beasley and Johnson would perform up to their lottery potential but it was always an "if" and not a certainty.

As much as we'd like to think professional athletes will fight tooth and nail regardless of the score and standings, they are human beings too and...ah screw it. I'm not going to defend them. I'm just not going to burn them at the stake either. It's hard being on a bad team.


But hey, at least the Suns have won a game in 2013 - something the Lakers can't claim.

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