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Harlem In The House: Special Contest For The Bright Siders

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Get details on the game, and even win some FREE STUFF for, like, no money!

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There is hope for entertaining basketball in the Valley this year, but it comes in the form of the Harlem Globe Trotters as they bring their act into town. The game will be played at Casa Grande Union High School on February the 8th at 7 p.m.

Here is a Google Map to the school.

Ticket cost:

Courtside seats are $55

General Admission $23 (some at $17)

Or with a Magic Pass you can have the unique opportunity to meet the players before the game and get discounts on game tickets now, and in the future. The Magic Pass is $15 on top of the ticket cost, which is your ticket to a wealth of great memories!

Here is a direct link for ticket purchase


Special offer for our Bright Side readers is the chance to win some merchandise.

What would you do to fix the Phoenix Suns?

Here is a picture of the head and armbands that are awaiting your amazing comments! Come and get 'em! As Jim Coughenour would say, the most lucid and picturesque wins!