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Suns React To Alvin Gentry Leaving and Lindsey Hunter Replacing Him

It was mutual among the organization and the coach to part ways, but what do the players think about losing their leader and gaining a new one, that is as experienced as a head coach as they are?

Christian Petersen

Change is bittersweet at times and there is an aura of the Phoenix Suns having a clean slate for the next 41 games. Not that the 13-28 mark didn't happen, but they are moving in another direction with energy and excitement reinstalled into the team.

Some players have vented out on Twitter their reactions to the coaching change from Alvin Gentry to Lindsey Hunter, but some of them also spoke about it:

Goran Dragic

On Gentry:

"It is always tough when you lose a coach, but in the end you have to look at it as a business. I wish all the best to Alvin. He did a great job with me, we had a great relationship, but we all know it is a business and you have to look forward. We want to win games. That is why we are here."

On Hunter:

"I expect a lot from him. He already won a championship with Detroit (2004) and was playing in the same position as me so I can learn a lot from him, me and Kendall (Marshall). I hope he can bring toughness to this team, more aggressiveness, especially outside and try to pressure the ball more. We will see."

Marcin Gortat

On Gentry:

"Well it wasn't a good feeling, because obviously we have been together for three years and it is definitely not nice to see someone go and to lose his job, but it was tough because nobody expected it. We didn't find out until later that day. I personally found out from TV, turned it on and found out our coach was fired so it was tough. I was with him for three years and I am grateful for everything he did for me, for the opportunities, for the confidence, and for the knowledge. I just wish him all the best to him and his family."

On Hunter:

"The first practice was, you know, good and intense. I think we worked on a few different things that we have to work on, obviously it was just one practice and we came back after two days off so everybody was energized. We will have to see what happens over the next few days. That is a huge challenge for him (Hunter) and a huge opportunity as a coach. The results will show whether or not he is good enough to be on that spot or not. he is going to have our 100% support, we are going to try to do better, and we have to continue to work on it."

Kendall Marshall

On Hunter:

"I am excited, but obviously this year has not gone the way that we hoped it would go. I think we took a great step today with our first practice. Everybody competed hard and there was a lot of positivity in the gym. I think we are making the right changes on and off the court to better ourselves."

Others have taken to Twitter to say good-bye to their former coach:

I have grown so much playing under @AlvinGentry. I wish him and his family the best. He's a great coach and a better man. @Channing_Frye

By others I mean just Channing Frye, then he was re-tweeted by Jared Dudley, but that was the public goodbyes from the players.

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