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Lindsey Hunter targeted by FBI for mortgage fraud

Phoenix Suns interim head coach Lindsey Hunter is the target of an FBI investigation according to a 2011 story out of Detroit. Hunter (through his attorney) claimed he was a victim. According to a party involved, the federal investigation is still open.

The details of this case are somewhat confusing, but it appears that Lindsey Hunter was alleged to have participated in a 2007 real estate transaction that caught the attention of federal investigators. According to reports going back to 2008, Hunter, along with a partner (Ivan Johnson), participated in a scheme that allowed a former school maintenance worker (Bruce McClellan) to purchase a $1.2m Michigan home.

Per McClellan's account, Hunter was actively involved in the deal and added McClellan to his bank account to help facilitate the transaction. McClellan's attorney confirmed today that the FBI investigation is on-going. He expressed hope that the investigation would be concluded within six months.

Background on the story can be found in these previous reports:

From SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys:

The FBI is investigating Lindsey Hunter - Detroit Bad Boys

So far, Wayne County investigators consider (Hunter) a victim, with someone else serving as what they describe as "a mastermind."

The FBI, on the other hand, according to sources close to its investigation, has him as its main focus and as a leading participant in at least two possibly fraudulent deals that went awry.

Details of the alleged fraud can be found in this 2008 account from Bruce McClellan:

Lindsey Hunter and Mortgage Fraud
According to Lindsay Hunter and Ivan Johnson, the deal involved buying a $1.2 Million home and selling it for $2.1 Million to a buyer Lindsey and Ivan had already identified and received a commitment from to buy the house.

All I needed to do, Ivan and Lindsey told me, was apply for the home loan for the $1.2 Million purchase, and they’d handle the rest. When I expressed doubt about my ability to qualify for a $1.2 Million loan, both men told me not to worry, that they would handle everything. Once again, as I did when Ivan first told me about Lindsey Hunter and L&I Enterprises, I expressed my concern for only working on legitimate deals and keeping my good credit in good standing.

Again, both men told me I had nothing to be concerned about. For a man making less than $45,000 a year, what Lindsay Hunter was telling me was quite appealing, as was the star treatment I was receiving from a well-known veteran NBA player.

In a 2011 story published by My TV20 in Detroit has additional information, including a statement from Hunter's attorney proclaiming his innocence.

Lindsey Hunter: Double Dealer or Target? | My TV20 Detroit News, Weather, Entertainment and Sports | Top Stories

Deano Ware an attorney for the Hunter's, issued this statement:

"While we are unable to comment on the specific facts involved in this matter because of the likelihood of potential litigation, Mr. Hunter emphatically denies any involvement in any wrongdoing on the part of other members of L&I Enterprises Inc.

"Mr. Hunter was strictly a silent partner of L&I Enterprises Inc. who relied upon representations made to him by individuals he believed in and trusted. He subsequently discovered the representations to be untrue. Immediately upon doing so, Mr. Hunter terminated any and all dealings he had with those individuals and L&I Enterprises Inc.

"Mr. Hunter is presently exploring any and all legal options available to him to defend his name and reputation against the allegations made against him including filing charges with the Wayne County Sheriffs Department."


Hunter responds:

Hunter regarding FBI investigation, "That's been like dead, years. Nothing was ever brought up against me or anybody else."

The federal investigation, however, remains open. Here's the video:

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