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Alvin Gentry discusses his departure from the Phoenix Suns

It has been a busy week off for the Suns. I'm sure they are exhausted from the soap opera atmosphere and are ready to get a break from the mayhem by getting back on the court in a competitive nature. The Suns have held their press conferences announcing Gentry's exit and Hunter's ascendance, and today was Gentry's opportunity to talk about his feelings and perspective on the recent decisions and actions.

Why Alvin?  Why?
Why Alvin? Why?
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Alvin Gentry appeared on the Gambo and Burns show on 620KTAR earlier today and spoke about the details surrounding his departure from the Suns. The full interview, which at times took the structure of a Q&A session, can be heard here.

Here are some of the highlights:


When asked about the classification of his departure as a "mutual parting" Gentry responded:

I think that obviously they wanted to make a change and they told me that I would no longer be the coach here. They had a right to do that. After talking and everything, they thought it was best for their franchise.

I said, ‘Ok. It's time to move on.'

On Sarver:

I wish Robert nothing but the best. He has been great to me. He's been great to my family and I told him that. He's been great to me from a career standpoint.

On the Suns decision to pass over Majerle and Turner for the interim coaching job :

I thought they were well qualified. I thought they could have done a great job with it, but the powers that be decided to go another direction. If you're asking me if I think their feelings were hurt, obviously they were and I think they were very disappointed that one of them didn't get the opportunity to do it.

When posed the question, "Were you ever comfortable with the presence of Lindsey Hunter?":

(five second pause) I don't think it's that important to answer that. It is what it is. Like I said, the decisions have been made and everybody moves on. It is what it is.

Gentry spoke of his appreciation for the fans and the friendships he had made. He refused to name specifics in terms of the people who did and didn't support him within the organization.

Two things that struck me and one that didn't.

1. Gentry reiterated several times that it was the Suns decision for him to leave, not his.

2. Gentry twice expressed thanks to Robert Sarver, once early in the audio and again towards the end. He said that he respects Sarver and that Sarver has tried to do what it takes to win.

3. Gentry doesn't appear to approve of Lindsey Hunter's promotion (shocking).

Gentry's favorite postseason and regular season games:

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