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Podcast 6: featuring Channing Frye

Channing Frye joins Kris and me to discuss his activities this season and the state of the Suns. We follow that up by recapping some of the chaos from the last week stemming from the coaching change.

Robble Robble
Robble Robble
Jim Coughenour

The Suns may have had a week off to kick back and relax, but Kris and I are still hard at work. Well, mostly Kris. I deserve credit for working hard about as much as Lindsey Hunter deserves a head coaching job...


Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode Six featuring Channing Frye

*Kris and I are keeping an eye on whether there will be more Suns wins or podcasts this season. Right now they are ahead 13-6, but the Suns got started before us and we think we've got a good chance at picking up some ground.

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