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Game Thread: Suns vs Mavs

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Game time, ladies and gents.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, good news today from Suns camp! Your new coach, Lindsey Hunter, says that the Suns are close to being a contender again! Wohoo!!!

Between Spurs and Mavs, Hunter makes big pledge for Suns | Insiders
But Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter said after the game that the Suns are not far away from the Spurs. Despite giving up 108 points, Hunter said he "couldn’t be more proud of a team" because of how intense, focused and prepared the players were.

"We’re not at that level right now but I can tell you this: it won’t be long before we are," Hunter said.

You see that! It won't be long now before the Suns are right back at the top of the West.



And here I thought the front office and owner said we were supposed to be patient. Screw that! Hunter says the Suns are close!!!

You know that means the Suns are going to WHOMP all over the Dallas Ponies.