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Same ole Suns get blasted in Dallas, 110-95

Same old Suns get down big, fight back a little, and come up short in the fourth quarter. Phoenix dropped their second game of the Texas trip in a loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

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Well, Lindsey Hunter, it seems that the Suns ascent to being on the same level as the Spurs (seriously, why on Earth would he say this?) might take just a tad bit longer than you imagined. Also, it turns out, that a bad team playing their fourth game in five nights, on the road against a team who's season is on the bubble might not end well. Go figure.

Oh, and that improved defense you've been talking about? We've been hearing about that for like five years now, so don't worry about delivering. We're used to ignoring all that talk.

The Suns started the game well enough. The ball was moving. Goran Dragic had four assists in the first six minutes. But things fell apart really fast when the bench came in.

A 16-16 tie game at about the five minute mark of the 1st was quickly turned into a rout thanks to a Mavericks 22-5 run over the next seven. It started when Michael Beasley came in the game and wasn't helped at all by five uneventful minutes from Kendall Marshall. (An air-balled three is not considered an event, right?)

Shawn Marion, playing in his 1,000th NBA game, reminded us what a mistake it was for the Suns to trade him. This guy is a special player and can still impact the game with his energy, hustle and crazy ability to find net with his array of "shots".

Lindsey Hunter's Phoenix Suns cut the lead to six in the third and were down "just" nine going into the fourth. But once again, the bench was horrible and Michael Beasley was Badsley. The Mavs used a 14-5 run to put things to bed.

Goran Dragic was the best player on the court. He finished with 18 points and 8 assists along with some blocks and rebounds and stuff. Everyone else was pretty forgettable except KENDALL MARSHALL HIT A THREE!!!! TWICE!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Get that kid signed up for the Shooting Stars Contest!

I except to see a Lindsey Hunter quote telling us how it's not long now before he's in the All-Star Game. That's how it works, right?

Vince Carter lit the Suns on fire with 15 points on 5-8 shooting. At least Dragic managed to kick him in the balls at one point. That was fun.

The Suns head home and get a couple of days off before welcoming Steve Nash back to Phoenix on Wednesday. Will/would you boo Steve? (Expect to hear that question asked a few thousand times between now and Wednesday.)

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