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VIDEO: Gentry on team effort, Scola applauds execution, and Dragic defends Holiday

It is always a much more comfortable locker room after a win, especially one that comes against a team that beat them in heartbreaking fashion earlier this year and the Phoenix Suns ring in the New Year with a victory.


"I told Markieff after the game that that Big 12 stuff runs deep," joked Gentry after the game. There was a large contingent of Kansas State fans that were very supportive of Michael Beasley, but not so favorable towards Markieff Morris. I guess they forgot P.J. Tucker played at Texas...

Scola seemed a little bit happier than normal thanks to the execution that led to the team winning a game decided in the final minutes. On the season the team is now 5-7 in games decided by five points or less, which is a huge reason they are only 12-21 and struggling.

The funny thing about that is the team started the season 3-1 in those close games knocking off the Pistons, Cavaliers, and the future Pelicans...

Solid defense against Jrue Holiday was the key to the game as the Suns avoided a second seven game losing streak on the season.

Speaking of the Kansas State Wildcats, the Oregon Ducks, and the pending Fiesta Bowl, here is potentially the reason why the quackers avoided U.S. Airways Center last night...

Well played Gorilla.

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