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Suns invade Milwaukee seeking Skiles, beer and a win

The Phoenix Suns (too far below .500 to count) take their "show" on the road for a four-game swing through the cold parts of the country. First stop: the great city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to face the Badass Bucks (16-16) who fired their coach just hours ago.

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Here's an old white man talking to a Turkish basketball player.
Here's an old white man talking to a Turkish basketball player.
Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

Can we all just agree that the Bucks front office and coaching staff looked at the schedule, saw the Phoenix Suns were coming, and knew they HAD to make a change? Why else fire Scott Skiles in the middle of a .500 season?

Maybe our friends at Brew Hoop have some better ideas about what went down.

Next question: Would you be interested in Scott Skiles coming back to Phoenix if Robert Sarver parts company with Alvin Gentry?

Skiles is known as a hard ass coach who can get young teams to play solid defense and disciplined offense. He's also a guy who wears out his welcome after a couple of years but that might not be a horrible thing given the future the Suns are facing.

Another question: Will Ersan Ilyasova be available for Tuesday's game which tips at 6:00pm AZT / 8:00pm ET and will be broadcast on Fox Sports AZ and NBA League Pass?

Here's your answer, set your lineups accordingly:

Suns vs. Bucks Preview: Milwaukee begins the post-Skiles era - Brew Hoop
Ersan returns. Good news: the Bucks expect to be back at full strength on Tuesday, as Ersan Ilyasova should be available after missing Saturday night's game with a sprained ankle.

More questions:

What lineup will Alvin Gentry use in this game?

Is P.J. Tucker now cemented in as a starter which leaves the bench unit devoid of any defensive presence on the wing and leaves the offense in the "hands" of a Telfair, Brown and Beasley trio who probably sit around the dinner table refusing to pass each other the salt and fighting over the last slice of pizza?

Is Brandon Jennings bad or horrible?

Will Nick Saban run for Governor of Alabama against Charles Barkley?


Here's some other stuff being said about the Suns:

Grisly performance by Suns in familiar loss
Alvin Gentry's team-survival recipe has three key ingredients. Delivered in Gentry's descending line of progression -- if not order of importance -- these are items are (1) avoidance of fragmentation, (2) continued hard work and (3) belief in yourself.

and Goran is important...

Goran Dragic’s composure key to Phoenix Suns’ success
The Suns go as Goran Dragic goes, so Dragic can’t go the way of frustration.

but you already knew that...

Goran Dragic: Key to the Suns' Success - Bright Side Of The Sun
Goran Dragic is the best player on this year's Suns roster, and as such he is the driving force for the team: in both success and failure.

Ed Note: If you came to this preview looking for like "match ups" and "keys to the game" and "information about the Bucks" - sorry to disappoint. Please feel free to write your own FanPost with such details.

** Editorial Note (JP): Let's go get a win, all right?

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