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Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks Game Recap: Gored Again

The Phoenix Suns started hot but ultimately the mighty deer would not be denied as the Milwaukee Bucks remembered who they were playing and put the clamps down. The Suns start their four-game road trip with a loss and fall to ~312 games under .500. The final score, 108-99.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

What, you were thinking that the Suns might have actually figured something out and "turned a corner" after they scored 33 points on 64 percent shooting in the first quarter? BA!

The ball movement was crisp at times but the Bucks defense adjusted to what the Suns were doing, took away some of the easy passing lanes, forced players out of their comfort zones and as is often the case, the Suns didn't have a player or two able to impose their will on the game.

The Bucks allowed the annoying Brandon Jennings to get hot and were never able to pour cold water on his flaming hands. He finished with 29 points. Larry Sanders had six blocks. His arms are SO LONG. (Video)

Goran Dragic led the Suns (someone had to) with 21 points. Phoenix shot 34 percent in the final three quarters as their offensive woes continue.

Has this team given up? It doesn't look like it but how many more of these losses can they take without starting to mail it in?

Side Note:

On behalf of the entire NBA and all of humankind, my apologies to those who had to suffer through the ancient stylings of the Bucks broadcast team on League Pass. They sound old enough to have been calling Jimmy Chitwood's games at Hickory High.

Even worse, they insufferably refused to pronounced Goran DRAGIC correctly. The guy's been in the league since 2008. There's a pronunciation guide in the media notes. If your JOB is to talk on TV during a basketball game, don't be a lazy ass -- learned to pronounce the players' names!

Suns head to Boston tonight and face the Celtics tomorrow. Unfortunately for all involved, I have game coverage for that mess too.

Head over to Brew Hoop and celebrate like a drunk deer and then come back and rosterbate some more.

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