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Phoenix Suns vs Boston Celtics Preview: Into the teeth of the Green Monster

The Phoenix Suns get right back on the horse after a pretty typical road performance Tuesday night against the Bucks. The Celtics are far from impressive this season (17-17) but they are playing better of late thanks to improved defense.

Jared Wickerham

Sorry folks, it's me again. I promise you only have to put up with my miserable game coverage a couple of times per month when the Suns happen to be on the East Coast where games start at a reasonable hour for an old man.

Speaking of old men, Kevin Garnett is still alive and very much kicking..and yapping. The Celtics will also have the services of Rajon Rondo after he missed yet another game due to suspension. That kid loves to bump refs or something. Maybe he's just joking. Who knows.

Hey, remember that time the Suns could have drafted Rondo back in 2006 but instead traded him for Brian Grant, cash and the Cavs 2007 pick which turned out to be Rudy Fernandez who the Suns traded to Portland, along with James Jones, for more cash?

Rondo = cash money!

Never forget how awful Mike D'Antoni was as a GM (and pretty overrated as a coach too).

The game tips at 7:30pm ET / 5:30pm AZT on Fox Sports AZ and NBA League Pass which hopefully won't mean an entire game of the miserable Tommy Heinsohn. I wonder if he can pronounce "Dragic" correctly? Doubt it.

On the basketball front, Avery Bradley is also back for the Celtics and their front line will give us a peak at Jared Sullinger who's playing 18 minutes per game. That's 18 more minutes per game than Kendall Marshall who was drafted eight slots higher. But look, he's great on Twitter!

On an even more real basketball note, Randy Hill at Fox Sports AZ points out how the addition of P.J. Tucker has eliminated shot opportunities for Jared Dudley.

Fox Sports Arizona The variables to explain the numbers may be legion, but Dudley has averaged just seven field-goal attempts and a tick under 10 points in the four games with Tucker in the starting lineup.

It's kind of a Catch-22 with guys like Tucker. They bring the energy and defense but leave opposing teams able to ignore one third of the wing players. Pick your poison: offensive struggles with Tucker starting or defensive struggles with Brown starting.

Maybe we will get lucky and get another trade rumor to distract us for a few more hours. Here's hoping.

Fun with numbers:

The Suns are still one win away from 2,000 for the franchise.

The Suns last won a road game on November 27th (Cleveland).

You do the math.

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