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Video - Channing Frye completely healthy, no restrictions in camp

The Phoenix Suns announced on Monday at Media Day that Channing Frye was completely cleared to return to basketball as a member of the team.

The great, incredible news is that Channing Frye is 100% healthy. There are no restrictions on his playing time, though the rampup will be steep since he has not played basketball in more than a year.

Frye has not played competitively on the court, nor has he watched the pickup games over the past month played by his teammates.

"That's not real basketball," he said. "I'll wait till training camp, with coaches there."

Frye joined the team on their trip up the hill to Flagstaff for what the team now calls "Fear the Flag", due to the altitude that turns gods into mere mortals.

Frye posted an Instagram photo of Kendall Marshall snoozing in the bus, and tweeted the link to fans. Who says we need JD or JMZ to keep the mood light amongst the team?


And this morning, the first day of camp when Frye will take the court with his mates, he tweeted this:


Frye is genuinely happy to be back with the Suns, calling last year "so hard" to watch those guys struggle without being able to help. Now he can help usher the kids into the NBA with positivity and a little fun.

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