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BSotS Community Meetup scheduled for Friday, November 1st @ Majerle's Sports Grill before game vs. Utah Jazz

Bright Side of the Sun community meetup time. Here's a chance to put some faces to names, Brightsiders. Or faces to usernames. The event is at Majerle's in downtown Phoenix before the Utah Jazz game (7:00) Friday, November 1st @ 5:30. I strongly encourage locals to attend... because you all rule.

Yours Truly

When: Friday, November 1st @ 5:30 PM

Where: Majerle's Sports Grill in downtown Phoenix - 24 N. 2nd St.  Phoenix, AZ  85004

Who: All members of the BSotS community (and friends, family and random strangers)

What: A get to know you get together.  Drinks and appetizers before the game and pop over to USAC to watch the Suns get crushed by dismantle the Utah Jazz (7:00 PM game time).  The game or Majerle's can be optional.  You're more than welcome to attend one or the other... or both.

Why: Because the members on our site are awesome and I'm looking forward to meeting some of you.


Please RSVP to me via email ( as soon as possible. Depending on interest I will want to arrange for reserved group seating at Majerle's.

There are also (shockingly) still a large number of affordable tickets available for the game if people are interested in group seating at the arena.  Looking on TicketsNow (SB Nation's partner - click the tickets link), it shouldn't be a problem for us to cluster together at this time. Chat it up in the comments and/or get with me (via email) and we should be able to organize that.


On another loosely related note, I'm still planning on attending the season opener with a huge banner welcoming back Channing.  If anyone else is going to the game and wants to help me hoist it just give me a shout.

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