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Former Phoenix Suns Michael Beasley has Miami Heat basking in the Tease of Beas

Well, two-time defending NBA Champion Miami HEAT are thinking big with our without Michael Beasley. Yet, there is a current of optimism that Beasley can be a surprising rotation member.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns fans will remember this. As will Minnesota Timberwolves fans.

The honeymoon of a Michael Beasley experience lasts a few months, with more and more doubts sprinkling into our brains as time goes by until the obvious is slapping us in the face - often unexpectedly. (come to think of it, is ANY slap in the face an expected thing?).

Last year, Beasley had a good preseason game or two, just enough to give Suns fans hope that maybe he would be a good rotation player that season.

Michael Beasley did his best impersonation of Denzel Washington in "Man On Fire" last night as he hit shot after shot on his way to 29 points in 33 minutes, including some baskets that didn't look like they had a chance. However, as the old basketball adage states, it's only a bad shot if you miss...right?

Not only that, but Beasley was aggressive and effective on the boards pulling down 10 rebounds to surpass Gortat and Scola, who each had eight a piece, as the leading rebounder.

There was talk all summer and preseason, and even into the season itself, that Beasley was ready to turn the corner and take ownership of himself and his playing legacy.

That proved quite wrong, when Beasley was waived in September of this year before his second season (of a three-year contract) with the Suns.

Before that, the good folks over at the Wolves blog,, had their own honeymoon period when Beasley arrived as a third-year former #2 pick still just 21 years old.

After one game, who does Beasley have to pass in order to become the best wing in T-wolves history?

Yet, Beasley flamed out there as well. After putting up nearly 20 ppg for a terrible team in 2010-11, he was relegated to bench duty the next season before being released after his four year rookie contract expired. This for the 21st and 22nd years of life for a former #2 overall pick.

And even before that, Beasley was traded away by the HEAT (for 2 second-round picks) just when they wanted to get good again. In the end, the HEAT replaced the 21 year old Beasley's $4 million contract with a midlevel contract for Mike Miller. The HEAT just couldn't find room for Beasley among the new stars they'd signed.

Now, the HEAT have Beasley again - this time on a make-good contract - and the winds of hope and promise are blowing again.

Beasley is dedicating himself to the cause. He wants to succeed. He's hungry.

Beasley, who is signed to a nonguaranteed contract after being bought out by the Phoenix Suns this offseason, entered the game with 4:48 left in the third quarter and converted a three-point play less than two minutes later. He then scored on a breakaway for five consecutive points.

"I'm trying to find my way, but still be myself," Beasley said. "It was fun. It was my first time back, and it felt good to get in there and get up and down."

Ahh, the tease of Beas. You'd think Miami would know about this.

Beasley is apparently so dedicated to improvement, he's inflicting wounds on himself when he messes up.

Upset with himself over a mistake, Beasley started punching himself in the head while running back on defense. He punched himself so hard that he needed treatment after the game from the Heat's trainer. Steel compresses (like the ones cut doctors use in boxing) were applied to Beasley's brow in the locker room.

Of course, a day later Beasley has a different take on the wound, despite what team officials hinted to a reporter the night before.

But Beasley, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and team officials said the wound above Beasley's right eye was the result of an inadvertent blow he took from Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko as he attempted to block a shot in the third quarter, not from a self-inflicted punch.

"I watched the video, and it does look like I knocked the mess out of myself," Beasley said before Friday's preseason game against the Charlotte Bobcats at the Sprint Center. "I had everybody in the world calling me and asking, 'Why you so crazy?'"

And, it starts. It begins as a trickle of "whaaa?" moments, progressing to "wut?" moments and eventually on to "WTF!" and "GTFO!" moments.

The only question is how quickly Miami fans and employees get to the GTFO stage.

At least Miami's not paying him any guaranteed money this time, unlike his last three stints in the NBA.

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