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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 42: Pre-Season Stand-Outs, Most Hated Suns, and The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Answer To The Team

I can personally guarantee this is a better 45 minute podcast than the 128 minute Disney Mistake that was "42..."

This pre-season to date has begun to answer some questions, but it has created so many more questions for the Phoenix Suns this year, and going forward.

Dave and I covered a lot of bases in this make-up episode of the podcast. The Clippers were in town with former Suns Jared Dudley and Alvin Gentry, Amare Stoudemire left a few years ago, and Kendall Marshall has played fewer pre-season minutes than James Nunnally and Ish Smith.

Those are all three things that happened.

Here is the link to the full podcast: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 42

Who goes on your Mount Rushmore of former Suns that you were bitter, angry, and upset with after they left the team by their own choice or via trade? Are there even four players that come to mind? Mount Rushmore arguments are the best!

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