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Get a Bright Side of the Sun t-shirt to sport for the 2013-14 season

Time for team pride. Any fan of the Suns should have multiple at least one team t-shirt. If not, people may look askance at your allegiance. Well, it's time for members of Bright Side of the Sun to get geared up and represent the site the way you represent the Suns.

I have this shirt.
I have this shirt.
Gameday Depot

If you're reading this and aren't brand new to this forum then you should know that we are under the SB Nation umbrella. Then that umbrella is under the Vox Media cloud. At least I think that's how the hierarchy works. Sometimes it's hard to see way up there from the bottom - especially with that umbrella obstructing my view. Anyway, a partnership has been established with Gameday Depot to handle the apparel between the concatenated sites within the SB Nation network. That means in addition to our inimitable site you can purchase attire specific to any other site.

Now... please don't traduce me for being a shill for the man (even though shamelessly I am).  Obviously, whenever an entity sells something to a consumer someone is turning a profit... rest assured that someone is not me.

But... I really like my t-shirt (I've got the white one in the cover art) to the point that I've just about worn it out over the last year or so.  They gave us staff writers (sorry for being late to the party Sreekar) a freebie for doing (about) a dozen hours of training related to the SB Nation United launch. Yes, we do all kinds of things behind the scenes to make this bad boy hum.  That's almost two dollars an hour considering these financial considerations... (but it's a labor of love)

Standard price is $16.99.  2XL ($1.50) and 3XL ($2.00) are slightly more expensive.

I live in Arizona and my price for a medium is $16.99 for a medium with a $4.95 flat fee for shipping, which is the cheapest option, and no tax.  That brings the total to $21.94.  $22 for a t-shirt isn't that bad.  Of course shipping considerations will vary based on planetary location.

Now the nebulous and somewhat disconcerting area of size discrepancy.  Nothing like ordering a shirt online to find that it doesn't fit.  All shirts sizes are not created equal...

I'm 5'8" and 140 lbs (slender muscular build) and a medium fits me very well. Jacob 6'0" and 165 lbs & Dave 6'0" and slightly heavier (remember when I wrote that I used to guess people's weight at a carnival in a former life?  I lied.) both wear a large that both have told me fit.  Jacob says his is slightly loose, but that's the way he likes it... I would call Dave a medium build.  Kris (also 6'0") is slightly stockier than Dave and comfortably wears an XL.

On a completely useless sidenote, Sean (7'0" and 290 lbs) wears a 4XL that fits ok, but is a little short.  If you're about 6'8" then disregard that completely useless part and ask for a 4XL.


If you want to check it out just go to the more tab on the header and select store as I have illustrated in the above screenshot.

We don't have to stick with the status quo on these, either.  Want one of the older BSotS logos?  We can do that. Want different colors?  We can do that.  Want brand new designs inspired by our creative, technologically savvy members? We can do that.

If you're handy with Illustrator or Photoshop, the best way to get designs up in your store is to send the original art files to Vectors (Illustrator and the like) are always best, but if you need to use bitmap art (Photoshop and others), it's best if it's at 300 DPI and at least the same size as it will be on the shirt. Most of our designs are between 9" and 10" wide.

If you're not handy with Illustrator or Photoshop, you can use our online design tool, which can be found here: The short version of what to do when you get there is this: Make your design on the color of tee you want, put it in your cart (so we can retrieve it), and then email us at to let us know it's there. There are more details on how to use the designer in this short video tutorial:


I know they have this on file on an orange shirt.  I'm sure we can send them other retired logos if we want to go old school.

Thanks for reading my pitch. Now go buy a shirt.

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