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BSOTS Podcast Ep. 40: Two-Parter breaking down Media Day, expectations, Bill Simmons Suns take, and some Breaking Bad

Double your listening, double your pleasure, double your fun.... Or double the opportunities for someone to close out of a podcast after hearing me say, "Welcome, Welcome...."

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For the past four episodes of the "Phoenix Suns Podcast on Bright Side of the Sun" we have turned the focus onto the Pacific Division and the teams combatants. This week we bring it back to the Valley with a two-parter previewing the Suns and looking ahead to the season.

In part one Dave and I break down the events at Media Day, philosophies on who to start at the forward positions, and how to pronounce Goran Dragic (DRAG ITCH). If you are a fan of phonetics then this podcast will be riveting!

Part One with Dave King Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 40 Part One (Dave King)

Continuing to get all the voices on Bright Side here on the podcast part two introduces Sreekar to the show to talk about Bill Simmons Grantland Preview for the Suns and how it is correct yet flawed. The video is embedded below. The flaws are obvious in the tired old complaints about the team and a coin flip that is almost older than basketball itself.

SPOILER ALERT: Sreekar and I break down Breaking Bad, the finale, the series, and the ideology of how people are never satisfied no matter the praise. That happens about 22-24 minutes into the show.

Part Two with Sreekar Jasthi Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 40 (Sreekar Jasthi)

This year we are going to rotate the hosts around to give the readers (and listeners) a chance to hear all of the takes, opinions, and offerings of the staff as a whole. Now that Dave and Sreekar are broken in and now that I think about this, this is all on me, but I did a poor job of hazing them as "newbies" to the show. Maybe I will make Jacob and Sean wear Hello Kitty backpacks?

Bill Simmons Grantland Preview of the Suns

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