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Thread: Phoenix Suns host Oklahoma City Thunder in final preseason home game

It's the second-to-last game, and yet the Suns will still try to play as many as 17 players tonight (Dragic is out with a turned ankle).


Per Jeff Hornacek, the Suns have a good idea of who will make the team but they have a chance to change minds in the final two games. Sounds like we will still see a long rotation tonight - 13-17 deep. Only Goran Dragic is sitting out this one.

Unfortunately, the Thunder are sitting MVP candidate Kevin Durant as well as "glue guys" Derek Fisher and Nick Collison. Everyone else will play.

As Kris mentioned this morning, that means it's Eric Bledsoe against equally young and up-coming Reggie Jackson, starting at point guard in place of injured Russell Westbrook.

And it's potentially Jeremy Lamb against Archie Goodwin at some point.

In the front court, it's Suns fan fave Steven Adams against Marcin Gortat, and sometimes Miles Plumlee and Alex Len. I will be highly interested to see if Adams, picked 12th this spring, outplays Gortat and Plumlee. I give Len a pass because (a) he won't play much and (b) he is still not in shape. I think a better comp for Adams is Plumlee. Both very athletic but limited in developed basketball skills.

Certainly, this game is not about winning or losing. It's about watching individual players perform on the big stage against other players at roughly their same development stage*.

*That comment excludes the Markieff Morris / Serge Ibaka matchup which isn't a matchup as much as it's a couldabeen.

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