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BSotS Phoenix Suns Season Preview: "LIVE" via Google Hangout, 7:30pm AZ Time tonight!

Just when you think it couldn't get any better, it does. Just when you think you really, really know the BSotS staff, we throw you a curve ball like this one!

Ezra Shaw

We here at Bright Side of the Sun have decided to step all the way into the 21st century and run a LIVE, interactive Google Hangout tonight for our Season Previewapalooza!

That's it. You read it right.

Season Previewapalooza!

Check back at 7:30 for the link to the live Hangout, where you'll get to put voice AND face to the writing you've devoured over the past few years on your favorite Suns blog. You'll no doubt be disappointed - kind of like pulling the curtain back on the ol' Wizard of Oz - but check in anyway.

Staff writers will get together and, after the inevitable technical glitches, will preview the upcoming season of what national writers think will be the worst season in the history of Suns basketball.

Rock on!

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