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Guest Post: An Astrological Assessment of the Phoenix Suns

What does Archie Goodwin's zodiac sign say about him? Is Goran Dragic a good fit astrologically with Eric Bledsoe? These are questions we've all had at various points in our lives and now we have answers. Folks over at wrote an article on Phoenix Suns players based on their astrological profiles I can guarantee you won't read another article like this today.

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Guest Post by Hollywood Psychics:

Young Suns

Both Alex Len and Archie Goodwin aren't even of legal drinking age, but these young players have shown enough talent on the court to garner them a coveted spot in the NBA. Alex Len, the 20-year-old Suns center, is a Gemini. Shooting guard Archie Goodwin is a Leo -- and the second-youngest player to enter the 2013 NBA draft at the ripe old age of 19. Goodwin's drive is typical for his astrological sign, Leo. Leos never shy from the spotlight and often ascend to a leadership position at a rapid pace. While most mere mortals assume this constant "Go! Go! Go!" pace indicates that Leo will be quick to burnout, to the contrary, Leo is much happier when the sign is on the move.

As a Gemini, Alex Len also has magnetic leadership qualities. Gemini tends to seem a bit mercurial -- like Leo, he's all-go, all the time -- but Gemini is typically light-hearted while still managing to be laser-focused.

Goodwin and Len are set to become a dynamic duo on the court given the cosmic affinity that Leo and Gemini have with one another. Both are extremely energetic and the two signs play off of one another's optimism. The "Young Suns" are set to shine this season!

An Earthy Influence

There is a strong earth sign contingent on the Suns. Guards Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic, as well as coach Jeff Hornacek are all born under earth signs. This bodes well as these stalwart signs lend a stabilizing influence to their teammates.

Jeff Hornacek, the Suns' new coach, had a storied career as a shooting guard for the Suns, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Utah Jazz. His practical on-court experience may make him a hands-on coach with a solid grasp of the game. His astrological sign of Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, endows him with a take-charge attitude that's tempered with a mellow, affable streak.

LIke his coach, Goran Dragic is also born under the sign of bull. His fellow Suns guard, Eric Bledsoe is a Capricorn -- one of the most stoic, grounded signs of the zodiac. While Capricorn may sometimes come off as aloof, he has the best interests of others at heart. Bledsoe's cerebral zodiac sign makes him a student of the game who can anticipate his opponents' next move. Taurus and Capricorn work very well together. Both signs are very down-to-earth despite the fact that they hold friends and teammates to meticulous standards. There's a strong level of mutual encouragement that these signs share with one another -- along with a friendly competitiveness that keeps everyone on their toes.

The Team as a Whole

A look at the astrological profiles of these players when taken as a whole yields a team that is poised to play like a well-oiled machine. Younger players like Len and Goodwin stand to learn a lot from their Taurus coach, Hornacek. Their respective Gemini and Leo drives will make them want to prove themselves to their coach and teammates to earn their leadership spots. Under the steady Taurus guidance of Hornacek and the more seasoned Dragic, this may help to craft a new dynasty for the Suns (provided Dragic doesn't keep getting injuries that take him out of the game!).

Leo and Capricorn get along famously, which is evident in the camaraderie between Bledsoe (Capricorn) and Goodwin (Leo) that extends beyond the two teammates sharing a history (and alma mater) as Kentucky Wildcats.

Traditionally, there has always been a bit of a conflicted relationship between Gemini and Capricorn, which does seem to be the one wildcard in the Suns equation. Len (Gemini) and Bledsoe (Capricorn) seem to play well together as teammates, however, in terms of astrological compatibility, Gemini typically looks up to Capricorn who may or may not feel that the Twins live up to the Goat's high standards. However, once these two signs realize they share a common goal - albeit approach achieving it with a different attitude than the other expects -- the two get along just fine.

After applying some astrological knowledge to the Suns' roster, the outlook is indeed a sunny one for the boys in purple and orange. They may not be vying for a championship ring this season, but the young talent bolstered by veteran players may yield a fine future for the franchise.

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