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Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 45: KrisDog and JimDog break down the embarrassing state of sports nicknames and more...

Swatting away bad nicknames like Plumlee turning away shots in the paint... Let's get to it!

Brett Deering

Remember when nicknames were organic, natural, and sort of just came to be? It was a better time and a time that hopefully we get back to.

In this weeks podcast JimDog and I strip away all credibility of this atrocious nickname that is being forced upon Miles Plumlee, PlumDog. The nickname is so bad that there are not enough words that one could write to fully get across the genuine awfulness of it, so we took 35 minutes or so this week to shed some light and perspective.

We also review the potential flame-out potential of the Phoenix Suns despite the hot start, review last week, and preview the week ahead.

Full Podcast Here: Phoenix Suns Podcast Episode 45

If you hang around long enough you will get my two minute scouting report on Kansas Jayhawks freshman big man Joel Embiid, because Jim insists.