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Vecsey: Phoenix Suns will try to make "unmatchable" offer sheet for Gordon Hayward next summer

A year after the Suns made a max offer to Eric Gordon, which was quickly matched by New Orleans, the Phoenix Suns are "reportedly" planning to overpay Utah SF Gordon Hayward next summer.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

First, here's the tweet:


First of all, make what you will of a rumor like this. It's just a tweet and those are free - and don't need any attribution.

Second of all, even if this was totally true, unless the "GM" was McDonough himself, it's 100% pure speculation.

Third of all, even if the source was McDonough himself, July 1 is a LONNNNNNGGGG way off. Gotta think that if the Suns get a great SF in the draft next year, Hayward wouldn't be such a priority.

Fourth of all, even if the source was McDonough and the clock moved forward to July 1 by magic today, it's tough - if not impossible - to make any RFA offer "unmatchable".

The CBA only allows

  • 15% bonus on first-year salary and
  • maxes out the first year salary at about $14 million for a four-year veteran and
  • provides for LOWER raises than Utah can offer and
  • provides for FEWER years than Utah can offer

In fact, Utah is hoping someone does all the work for them next summer and just has to match. That's what New Orleans did - to the Suns in fact - last year.

But hey, it's a good rumor.

Hayward is a potential All-Star at small forward, and has been healthy his whole career. So at least he's a better bet than Eric Gordon. But that makes him a better bet for Utah to match too.

Nothing to see here. The smartest thing the Suns could do is trade for Hayward this season, and become the team in the driver's seat just like they already are with Eric Bledsoe.

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